Darrenn is a multi-sector design practice able to draw on a wide range of experience to deliver inspirational buildings that compliment their context and exceed expectation.

Our design solutions create successful and sustainable cities and buildings. Our team incorporates international design perspectives and local wisdom, bringing a global vision to different parts of the world. All in all, Darrenn provides the best use of space and aspires to improve people’s lives.

Darrenn Group Limited is located in London, England. It is a creative and energetic design company. It is famous for the design of commercial, office buildings, science parks, TOD and urban design. Committed to finding the best design solutions for all projects, and committed to providing customers with high-quality design services.

Darrenn’s design comes from looking for solutions to problems, and believes that the best design does not use established formulas, but comes from the balance of aesthetics, business acumen, problem-solving, awareness of limitations, and respect for local culture.

Minimalism is Darrenn’s core design philosophy. Darrenn refuses to be cumbersome and doesn’t embrace excessive decoration. Advocating simple and modern design techniques. Darrenn always seeks the most direct way of design expression for any planning project or architectural design project.

Darrenn advocates the integration of new buildings into the existing built environment. The new building cannot destroy the existing environment, but should compliment the existing building and enhance the experience of the existing ambient environment.

Darrenn attaches great importance to the needs and feelings of users. Designers often imagine themselves as future users, how to perceive buildings and the environment.
The application of new technology, environmental protection and sustainable development are also key considerations in Darrenn’s design process.

Darrenn always put the customer’s demands first when designing. Darrenn has a unique way of communicating with customers in-depth, cooperating with customers and listening to their needs effectively so that customers can have the maximum in-depth participation. These customers include owners, users, officials, etc.

Darrenn’s collaborative design practice will bring together experts in urban planning, architecture, interior design, engineering, landscape and to create innovative solutions. Different employees will constantly challenge and encourage each other to develop new technologies and research new ideas. In these teams, passionate young engineers and experienced senior designers work together to combine wisdom and inspiration.

The selection of projects shown are from the portfolio of projects that Constantine Koritsas RIBA who has been project architect on contract with Wright & Wright architects, Chassay+Last Architects, Ettwein Bridges architects.

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